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November Baby!

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whit987 6 months

I posted last year about a name for our third child but unfortunately we had a miscarriage. I’m pregnant again and we are expecting a healthy baby girl in April! I so very much appreciated everyone’s feedback last time and would love to hear what you think of our new favorites. Our first two are Henry and Margaret. I love timeless names that aren’t likely to be tied to a specific generation. Because our last name is the name of a month, we both like the idea of names that are familiar and clearly first names, not surnames or word names. We’ve fallen in love with two names in particular, Alice and Louise. We love that Alice is timeless, not overly used, and has an understated elegance. We love Louise because it is classic but also has adorable nicknames like Lou, Lou Lou, and Louie.

Which is your favorite? Alice or Louise?

Which middle name sounds best? Some ideas we’ve had:

Alice Josephine

Alice Louise

Alice Leonor

Alice Eleanor

Alice Caroline

Alice Linnea

Alice Astrid

Alice Camilla

Alice Whitney (family name)

Alice Ingrid

Louise Alice

Louise Josephine

Louise Link (a family surname)

Louise Ingrid

Louise Iris

Louise Ellen (family name)

Louise Florence

Louise Jane

Louise Claire

Louise Alexandra

Louise Eleanor

Louise Leonor

Louise Charlotte

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