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A Paean to Common Names

August 5, 2021 LauraWattenberg 2 min read 3 Comments

What makes names so powerful? A recent thread on tumblr offered one answer, based on connection. Some excerpts: “u ever think abt how some names have been used for centuries, millenniums even…like how many times has the earth heard a mother calling, ‘alexander!’…how many times have the stars caught a […]

Lessons in Naming from American Sign Language

July 17, 2021 Namerology 3 min read 1 Comment

Who gets to name Kamala Harris? For those of us in the hearing world, the question may scarcely make sense. Vice President Harris is a grown woman whose name is well established (despite opponents’ attempts to diminish her by deliberately mangling it). But for American Sign Language users, the question […]

Four Reasons Parents Regret Their Baby Name Choices

April 9, 2019 LauraWattenberg 4 min read 4 Comments

After the struggle to choose a baby name comes a wondrous payoff. The name that started out as just a dream is brought to life as your child. For a small but growing number of parents, though, the dream doesn’t transfer. As their baby grows, so do their regrets about […]