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The Art and Science of Names

Names talk. Every baby name choice speaks of parents’ values and dreams. Every personal name tells a miniature story of culture and identity. And naming patterns, across time and around the world, speak even louder. They’re a candid window on society: a fossil record of culture.

If this rings true with you—if you love names—you’ve come to the right place. is the home for name enthusiasts, and anyone with a naming question that they’d like answered with an analytical mindset and a positive attitude.

Namerology founder Laura Wattenberg is the author of the Baby Name Wizard books and the original founder of Her research-based approach to names, and groundbreaking tools like the NameVoyager grapher and MatchMaker name finder, have helped change the way the world views baby names.

Namerology, founded in March 2019, is still in its infancy. It will grow to include new tools and new ways of exploring names. But its core is community. Please join is in our forum, or comment on an article. The wide world of names awaits!