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Zillennial Baby Names

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Good evening, Namerology Community.

After looking at Wattenberg’s list of Millennial names in an article talking about the most Millennial names, I was sort of curious if there were any that belong to the latest micro-generation that is a mixture of both Millennials and Generation Z; which are Zillennials. I made a post about it on the Behind The Name Forums that I am going to leave below for further context:

“I have been pondering so much regarding names that would be most likely associated with the recent micro-generation between Millennials and Gen Z; the Zillennials. Despite a fairly-agreed upon date range not being available yet, with plenty of sources choosing years between 1992 to 1995 (most other articles choose 1993 as well) as starting birth years and 1998 to 2000 as ending birth years, the popular name list between those year ranges may be a place to begin, but I too am looking for less common but unique names that fit said micro-generation, names that work for both Millennials and Gen Z that can look "timeless", regardless of which generation it leans towards, and so on. I did make a list on Nameberry that only used names that peaked in between those birth year ranges, although I may change it significantly if needed of feedback, which I'm posting below:

I too have tried to ask some communities online for suggestions on names that would fit with the Zillennial range. Some suggested interesting names that do not need a respective peak year to be marked as such, but it unfortunately fizzled out overtime.

I am curious of what names would fit in the sense that they are too old for Gen Z like Madison and Caleb, but too young for Millennial names like Justin and Brittany? Feel free to give me your thoughts and opinions on what names would fit this micro-generation the best, as one who feels like they belong in this cusp. Best regards.”

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