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The actually important part of Katie Britt's State of the Union rebuttal...

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holey 1 month

" daughter Bennett and my son Ridgeway..."

This was absolutely fascinating to me, especially because it reflects a couple of current trends in American naming (boy names like Elliott on girls; word names) without featuring names that are themselves common within those trends. 

It's additionally interesting to me because, when I listened to the rebuttal, Britt's accent reminded me a little of Sarah Palin's, even though they're from states on opposite sides of the country.  I'd say there's a strong stylistic similarity between Bennett/Ridgeway and Bristol/Willow/Track/Piper/Trig.

Am I the only one who watched her speech and thought that was the most interesting part?  Maybe politicians should stop talking about issues and just list the names of their children and grandchildren.  Do you suppose we could figure out someone's political party just based on that list?

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