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Surname is the eleventh month!

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whit987 1 year

We are excited to be expecting baby number three! We don’t know the gender yet, but I’m having fun thinking of names. Our first two are Henry and Margaret. I love timeless names that aren’t likely to be tied to a specific generation. Because our last name is the name of a month, we both like the idea of names that are familiar and clearly first names, not surnames or word names. I’d love our third child’s name to blend nicely with the first two, but would kind of like it to be a bit quirkier to break up the seriousness of the trio. I have Scandinavian ancestry, and a Nordic vibe would be fun! We both love the name Oscar but since it and our surname are both part of the NATO alphabet, we think it would be setting the child up for a lifetime of jokes. What do you think of the below ideas? Any additional ideas?




Ingrid (he’s on the fence)

Josephine (a little too lacy for my taste, I like nickname Jo but not Josie. But, Margaret’s nickname is Margot, so maybe Jo and Margot is too much?)

Alice (my favorite, but he doesn’t like)

Felix (maybe my favorite?, he’s on the fence)




Theodore (afraid it’s not timeless enough for how popular it is right now)

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