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middle name help

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coops1608 11 months
I am expecting multiples soon who are all girls and I need some help, I have chosen some names but others I can't think of middle names for them:
I really like this name as just Fran rather than Franchesca but the only name I can think of is Fran Evangeline.
This is probably one of my favourite names but I'm struggling because I did like Amelie Olivia but I prefer Olivia as a first name so I'm thinking either Amelie Margot or Amelie Odette but I don't really love either of those options.
I'm not 100 percent on this for a first name but it is an option, I thought Lara Juliette but I'm not sure that it really flows???
I really like this as a first name as there are many nicknames, Liv, ViVi, Livvy ect but I think if we chose this it would be mainly Olivia and Vivi however I'm finding it hard to find a middle name for it as Olivia is a very common name and I want a middle name that is a bit more out there but nothing too crazy (you can probably see what type I prefer based of my other name options) I was thinking Olivia (ViVi) Noelle as my Dad's name is Noel but I don't really know.
I met a little girl called Aalia and she was adorable and although I wasn't sure on it at first, it has grown on me and I like it. The issue is that the name that I would like to pair it with would be so that it could be Aalia Margot but I feel like the middle name Margot goes better with Amelie than it does Aalia, any thoughts?

Any other first-name options are welcome too!
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