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Local Styles for Every US State; Intrigue Post

The Name Geek Lair 3 replies 381 views Tags:  BabyNameWizard

Greetings, Namerology community.

Since I have been consulting Baby Name Wizard quite a lot lately, one of its chapters left me with a lot of curiosity over how diverse the naming styles vary from state to state. I have been since then, wondering about the following after reading such chapter:

- What other local styles are available in all 50 (Including DC and Puerto Rico) states? There’s a total of 7 names for both boys and girls for each state so far. Are there any other local names to add to such lists to expand them further?

- I have found an error on the Kansas names list. While it includes 7 for girls, there are only 6 for boys. What was the 7th name going to be in the book so that I can annotate it as an official source?

- What kind of research was out on making a chapter I spent hours reading and being amazed at? Social Security Administration, or somewhere else? So far, I have been consulting a lot of websites that include their own take at Local Styles for Every US State that I can share if anyone is interested to expand the local naming style.

Since those are all the questions I had on the matter, I am also wondering if there were any previous versions done about the chapter. If you were intrigued by Baby Name Wizard’s local styles for every US State, feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and feedback on the matter and we’ll be wondering if this local naming rabbit hole is deep enough for us to explore further into the diverse American naming style.


best regards,

- Christian

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