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Help name baby boy Party-with-an-M

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rach-bee 3 years
Hi everyone! Want to help me name my baby?
We're expecting a boy in late November. This is our first child, and we plan on having two. Our last name is Party-with-an-M, and we both have the middle name Aaron-with-a-B (my maiden name; hubby changed his middle when we married). The baby will have "Aaron" as a middle name too, probably his second middle.
For his first name, we both like Elliott and Louis. Elliott is my favorite boy name, but I love Louis too. My husband is more excited about Louis, but on board with either. Obviously, with Elliott being my favorite you'd think we'd just go that way (hubby knows I care way more about names than he does and it's been a rough pregnancy), but we are very nick-namey people, and love Lou and Louie! Elliott doesn't feel like it has the same nickname options, though I'm sure we would come up with plenty. Other top contenders are Owen and Julian. Are there other names you think we should consider? Any strong votes for Elliott or Louis?
For the first middle name, we haven't made much progress. My husband doesn't think we even need two middles - "Aaron" is enough for him. I'd like to do an honor name, preferably from my side, but my grandparents' names are pretty unwearable - Norma, Milton, Seymour, Mary Jane, and going further up the family tree loses the connection for me. There's a family maiden name, Frank, that I'd consider but don't love. There's Alfred from my husband's side, but I don't love that either. Should we pick a name with the same first letter as a grandparent's name? If so, which one and what name? Should we just pick another name we love without using an honor name? Should we just do one middle name, "Aaron"? I've been a name nerd for years and it feels kind of disappointing to just pick one name! I also don't think I want to do Elliott Louis or vice versa, since we could have a second boy.
Thanks for your help!
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