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First brother needs a name!

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I really miss the wisdom of the regulars from the old boards. 5 years ago, you all helped me name my second daughter, Ros@lind. Now I am having a final mid-life-crisis baby, and this one is a boy!

As usual, my husband and I cannot agree, and no name is really grabbing me. I love so many girl names but haven’t managed the same infatuation with boy names. I’m hoping if any of the regulars are still around, you could weigh in on the short list that we still can’t seem to agree on. I also struggle with wanting a name that is a little out-there and weird, while my husband leans toward common. For some reason, I canNOT get over the popularity stumbling block. I don’t want a name that could be construed as common or popular. Here are the names. Would love your thoughts:

Jeremiah nn Jem - I have not-great associations from childhood with this name, which I am struggling with. Though I do love Jem. The alternative I proposed was:

Jerome nn Jem - I like the weirdness and rareness of this name, but I’m not sure I ACTUALLY like the name.

Zeke - just Zeke, not Ezekiel, but dang it if Ezekiel isn’t waaay more common than I thought.

Jude - I like this name, it’s less common than Ezekiel and Jeremiah. Buuut as an interfaith half-Jewish family, the Jude = Jew connotations are just kind of bothersome.

Leonard - my husband got turned off this name for reasons I don’t totally understand. I think it’s so fusty and offbeat that I like it. We struggle with a nickname - have been through them ALL. I’d go for Leon, but my husband doesn’t like it.

Thank you for your thoughts!


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