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Extra sibling names similar to mine? (Christian)

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Good evening, Namerology community.

I have been thinking of what other names have a similar naming style and feel to my own given name; Christian.

For the past couple months, I have been pondering if there are any other names that I could take into account while designing characters that have names similar to my own. I have noticed that in the two Baby Name Wizard versions of 2013 and 2019...

My "brother names" are Tristan, Alexander, Evan, Colin and Gabriel in 2013, and Gabriel, Matthew, Nicholas, Julian, Colin and Lucas in 2019.

My "sister names" are Alexis, Abigail, Brooke, Natalie, and Victoria in 2013, and Natalie, Brooke, Abigail, Victoria, Hope and Alison in 2019.

In that case, if those names are meant to represent the similar style and feel of my own name (as far as I know, my name is a "New Classic" style, is a two-style syllabus, and it obviously means "Follower of Christ".), what other names could possibly count as extra brother and sister names that accurately have a similar style and feel to my own name that I could consider in the future? If so, how do they fit with my own name as a brother/sister name?

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