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Big fan of names lol

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hello all! I am a huge fan of names, I love naming things, especially future children just for fun, and homemade dolls. I am determined to have 4 girls someday, I know it probably will not happen that I will have all girls lol, but I am choosing names for either them, and/or dolls haha

     So far, for sure on the name Aria Faith, Primrose Skye, and working on the 3rd name. Between Ember Joy and Ember Kaiya. Others tell me Ember Kaiya doesn't flow great, wondering other's thoughts on that? And 4th girl would be Willow Everly. I love all the names, but Ember's middle name is having a crisis right now, I am stressing over this greatly actually.

     In the meantime, I have dolls I am naming these. I do actually have a doll named Aria Faith, and I have a new one named Primrose Skye.

     I have loved the name Ember for a long time, but this middle name thing is really hard for me. I was going to maybe consider mn Rose, but I already have a primROSE so that probably wouldn't work the greatest.

     Any advice would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

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