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Bespoke breakfast spreads of all kinds

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I discovered this only because I was looking for where to buy the custom back-to-school by grade labels for Nutella.  (You can print your own labels here but our printer isn't that nice.) (Is this over the top? Yes, of course, but I'm looking to imbue the school year with some kind of excitement because the prospect of shepherding three children through four daily hours of simultaneous zoom meetings while their preschool sibling has absolutely no preschool options for the year is not exactly joyous, especially when the parents are both also working somewhere in there is... not as exciting as usual back to school, I'll leave it at that.) 

Anyway, in 2015 Nutella was doing personalized Nutella jars, which shouldn't feel that exciting because Coke was doing that too, but somehow this seems more exciting whether it's the iconic font, that I feel far more positively about chocolate hazelnut spread than I do about soda, or whether it's the fact that it was more of an international campaign:

And then I discovered that MARMITE also did personalized jars, and then they one upped it and added a special edition "for being naughty" or "for being nice" circa Christmastime. 

Marmite launches personalised 'naughty and nice' jars - FoodBev Media


And it makes me wonder what other personalized product campaigns I've missed... bonus if they can be obtained for names well out of the top 1000. 

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