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6 Names that Divide America

June 2, 2024 namerology No Comments

6 Names that Divide America

June 2, 2024 Namerology No Comments

Behind the national baby name rankings lie some deep regional differences.

Every year the federal government reports on America’s top baby names. But those national rankings only tell part of the story. As name choices become increasingly diverse and creative, regional tastes are diverging. A name like Stetson or Ximena or Legend can be a top-20 name in some states yet totally unheard of in others.

Meet some of the names that divide our naming nation on regional lines. The accompanying maps, courtesy of our own Interactive US Name Map, tell the tale. A tip for map viewing: take small-population states like Wyoming with a grain of salt, as their stats are volatile and tend toward misleading extremes.

Name of the West: Ezekiel (M). Runners up: Axel (M), Ezra (M)

Name of the North: Josephine (F). Runners up: Theodore (M), Wesley (M)

Name of the Southeast: Caroline (F). Runners up: Karter (M), Wynter (F)

Name of the Southwest: Santiago (M). Runners up: Adriel (M), Ximena (F)

Name of the Mountain West: Aspen (F). Runners up: Bridger (M), Tate (M)

Name of the Plains: Graham (M). Runners up: Maren (F), Wrenley (F)


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