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Pluto. Alchemy. Vandal. Meet America’s Newest Boys’ Names

May 21, 2023 laurawattenberg 3 Comments

Pluto. Alchemy. Vandal. Meet America’s Newest Boys’ Names

May 21, 2023 LauraWattenberg 3 Comments

Baby names never stand still. Each year brings a wave of new discoveries and inventions as American parents expand our naming horizons. The new boys’ names showcase adventure and glory, darkness and faith, and occasionally genuine tragedy. They’re a reflection of our cultural moment in name form. Meet 38 of the most noteworthy names that were given to five or more boys for the first time last year.

Arceus, Alchemy, Andor
AidoneusThis name is an appellation of Hades, god of the dead. It has appeared as a character name in multiple games and comics.
Alchemy, OracleThese new additions move word names in a more arcane and mystical direction.
AlphaeusThe biblical father of the apostles James and Matthew.
AndorCassian Andor is the title hero of a science fiction series in the Star Wars universe.
ArceusThe godlike Pokémon featured in the 2022 game Pokémon Legends: Arceus.
AsmodeusA demon of Judaic and Islamic lore, and an archdevil in Dungeons & Dragons games.
CardiffCardiff is the capital of Wales.
CruxLatin for “cross,” Crux is the name of the constellation commonly called the Southern Cross and a common word meaning a pivotal point.
DessalinesJean-Jacques Dessalines became the first leader of an independent Haiti in 1805.
EnkiduEnkidu was the primitive comrade of Gilgamesh in the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh and its many adaptations.
GiftedThe term gifted, which refers to exceptional talent or potential, is commonly used for special advanced tracks in schools.
GiveonSinger Giveon was nominated for six Grammy awards in 2022.
HyperionA Greek Titan who personified the sun, Hyperion’s name has been used for a science fiction novel, a moon, a publishing house and a superhero.
IkarisOne of the immortal superheroes in Marvel’s Eternals.
ImperialAn adjective in the realm of exalted names like Majesty, Power, Pharaoh and Czar. “The Imperial March” is Darth Vader’s theme in Star Wars.
KarrionA play on the word carrion, meaning dead flesh, Karrion is the ring name of professional wrestler Kevin Kesar.
LukaseyRodeo cowboy Lukasey Morris was the 2022 bull riding rookie of the year.
LuxorThe name of an Egyptian city and an Egyptian-themed Las Vegas casino, Luxor is one of several new boys’ Lux- names includin Luxxen and Luxury.
MalachiahParents have “biblicized” the spellings of many names with new biblical-style endings. This is a rare example of biblicizing an actual biblical name, Malachi.
MetzliMetzli was an Aztec moon god.
PhoreverPhorever is the young son of reality tv star Phor on Black Ink Crew: Chicago
PlutoPluto has been the ruler of the underworld, a cartoon dog, a planet, not a planet, and now a baby name.
ReacherJack Reacher is he titular hero of a tv crime show based on a book series by Lee Child.
Roronoa, ZoroA double debut for swordsman Roronoa Zoro of the manga/anime series One Piece.
RyukThe name of a death spirit in the manga series Death Note.
SacaiThe Japanese luxury fashion house Sacai has partnered with brands like Nike and Beats.
SadioSadio Mané is a Senegalese star for the Bayern Munich soccer team.
SihtricSihtric Kjartansson is a character in the historical fiction tv series The Last Kingdom.
SkandhaIn Buddhism, a skandha or “aggregate” is one of the five building blocks that make up an individual’s existence.
SwedeThis term for a person from Sweden is also the British word for rutabaga or yellow turnip. As a name, though, it may be a creative spelling of Suede; the spelling Suade aslo debuted last year.
TiamoTi amo is Italian for “I love you.” Tiamo is a brand name of various romantic products such as perfume and wine.
TruistThe Atlanta Braves’ stadium, Truist Park, is named for the banking company Truist Financial.
UdhamThe historical biopic Sardar Udham chronicles Indian revolutionary Udham Singh’s effort to avenge a massacre.
Uziyah10-year-old Uziyah Garcia was one of 19 children murdered at their Uvalde, Texas elementary school.
VandalThis word name takes its place in a growing category that includes Mayhem, Riot and Havoc.
ZillionThe hyperbolic number name Zillion beats out the existing names Million, Billion and Trillion.

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Namerology founder and "Baby Name Wizard" author Laura Wattenberg is a globally recognized name expert, known for her scientific approach to understanding name trends and culture.

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  • Tehanu May 21, 2023 at 11:51 pm

    They named 5 kids “Andor” but not “Cassian”?

    • Namerology
      Namerology May 22, 2023 at 12:22 am

      Cassian is actually a top-1000 name now!

  • HungarianNameGeek
    HungarianNameGeek May 23, 2023 at 4:37 pm

    Andor is also a Hungarian name; it’s usually derived from Andorjás, which is an old form of Andreas (Andrew), but it could also come from Andornak, which is Andronicus (but was always very, very rare, and probably isn’t usable nowadays, really, as it’s identical to Andornak “to/for/of Andor”).

    How is the SW-universe character’s name pronounced? Is it basically like “and/or”? (The Hungarian name is roughly /ON-door/.)

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